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Sculptural work

This page illustrates sculptural work, usually in sandstone. It only shows the pieces I have made since settling in Australia in June 2004 – my work in the UK at present does not have a digital presence. Also search for sculptural lettering in the main section for pieces that are inspired  by and incorporate carved lettering.


This piece, Sea Fugue, is from unidentified wood salvaged from a beach on the east coast of Australia in June 2014, left to dry then carved in December 2014. (44in x 12in x 9in.)


There are times when lettering is not enough, when a stone beckons with another voice. So it was with this piece created slowly over the past three months.

Flashing fishThe sandstone (from Queensland, Australia) has lain in my garden many years. I picked it up one day, rectangular in form and placed it on the bench. To my mind I saw a fish and, though I had never carved one before, felt a compulsion. It came to being as the weeks went by. Then I used gold for the tail (only on one side as I did not have enough for both) and patinated copper for the base. The piece has energy, nicely displayed in the late afternoon light. I am happy. I think this fish may swim eternally.

Head of a man. Sandstone. (12in x 7in x 6in on wood base.)

Head of man 2

Head of a man

Sandstone (whereabouts unknown, 9in by 9in.)


Slate on a limestone base. Made in the UK and shipped for exhibition in Sydney in 2004. Current location unknown. About 2ft sq.

2015 blue true 2

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